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Book Meetings & Create Pipeline With Outbound Sales

Book Meetings & Create Pipeline With Outbound Sales

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Outbound sales is not the same as it was just 5-years ago.

The 10x increase in sellers and the 10x increase in productivity of those sellers has meant buyer's are being hit up more than ever.

With so much noise and economic uncertainty it has never been harder to break through the noise generate new opportunities. But it can still be done.

By using thoughtful messaging, smart targeting, and efficient activity outbound still works. In this ondemand course I'll teach you exactly this.

The topics covered are:

  • Prospecting Basics
  • Messaging
    • Ditching the lame pitch
    • Building a compelling value prop
    • Breaking through the noise & buyer's defences
  • List Building
    • Identifying your "Ideal Customer Profile"
    • How to maintain a healthy lead list
    • Making use of triggers for scaled outreach
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Masterclass
    • Finding leads no one else can
    • Using advanced search functionality
    • Making use of account searches to layer in triggers
    • Hacks and secrets
  • Cold Calling
    • Overcoming phone fear
    • Nailing your cold call opener
    • Having a hook worthy reason for your call
    • What questions to ask
    • When to book the meeting
  • Objection Handling
    • Avoiding objections
    • Handling knee jerk objections
    • Understanding the REAL objection
  • Voicemails
    • Leaving voicemails that aren't a waste of time
  • Cold Emails
    • Cold email deliverability
    • Subject Lines and preview text
    • Email formatting and mistakes
    • The body of you cold email + OPSA framework
    • Follow up emails
    • 10 cold email templates
  • Video Prospecting
    • When to make use of video in sales
    • Tips for showing up great on camera
    • Talk track for your prospecting videos
  • Sequences/Cadences
    • Sequences best practices / tips
    • 2-week cadence template
  • Referrals
    • When & how to ask for referrals
  • Elevator Pitches
    • How to tell people what you do
    • How to tell people what your product does
  • Events
    • Event preperation
    • Working a trade show booth
    • Attending networking events
    • Event survival tips
  • Inbound Leads
    • Meeting/demo requests
    • Marketing generated content leads
  • Preventing No Shows
    • How to avoid no shows
    • What to do if you get no showed
  • Pattern Interrupts
    • Personalizaiton
    • Gifting
    • Memes/GIFs
  • Using Tech
    • My prospecting tech stack
  • Time Management
    • Time blocking and task management
  • Staying Motivated
    • Avoiding burnout & stress
    • Staying motivated in sales

The course is both written & in video format for easy consumption.

Total word count: 20,000
Total duration: 2 hours 57 minutes
Total slides/visuals: 200

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