7 Best B2B Sales Books (2024)

7 Best B2B Sales Books (2024)

Hey there, sales enthusiasts! It's Will, your friendly neighborhood sales aficionado. In 2022, I set out to conquer one sales book per week—a goal I missed by about 50%! But since then, I've delved into over 50 sales books, carefully ranked and cataloged in my secret "sheet" (which, naturally, stays confidential to avoid any author showdowns!).

Top 3 Sales Books That'll Rock Your World

1. Gap Selling by Keenan

Taking the lead is "Gap Selling" by Keenan—a B2B masterpiece that goes beyond the status quo. Keenan passionately guides us to sell to the gap—the space between where your customer is and where they strive to be. It's more than sales; it's about solving real problems, making it essential for any AE aiming to elevate their skills.


2. The Transparency Sale by Todd Caponi

Todd Caponi's "The Transparency Sale" is a game-changer in sales literature. Tired of smoke and mirrors? Caponi advocates radical transparency, emphasizing trust through honesty—something often missing in sales today. His storytelling prowess makes it a delightful and insightful read throughout.


3. Exactly What to Say by Phil M. Jones

Phil M. Jones' "Exactly What to Say" is a sales cheat code. Packed with 26 powerful phrases, it's a shortcut to persuasion in any sales role. This book is your ultimate sales arsenal upgrade—pure effectiveness, no gimmicks needed.

Special Mentions: Books for Every Sales Situation

Best Prospecting Book: Problem Prospecting by Mark Ackers, Richard Smith, and Stuart Taylor

Tired of cookie-cutter prospecting methods? "Problem Prospecting" is your modern-day playbook. It's all about crafting personalized emails, nailing that cold call opener, and asking the questions that matter. A must-read for SDRs/BDRs looking to crush it in B2B sales.

Best Book for Closing: The Secrets of Question-Based Selling by Thomas A. Freese

For the closers and AE's out there, "The Secrets of Question-Based Selling" is your tactical guide to mastering discovery. Want to ask questions that actually drive sales? This book's your secret weapon.

Best Book for Sales Leaders: Transparent Sales Leader by Todd Caponi

Yes, Todd's back! This time, he's schooling us on leadership. Even if you're not eyeing a corner office, the insights in "Transparent Sales Leader" on building trust and leading with integrity are invaluable.

Best Sales Mindset Book: The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Procrastination? Fear? Mel Robbins' "The Five Second Rule" teaches you to beat them all with a simple countdown. It's not just about sales; it's about conquering life's challenges, one countdown at a time.

Honorable Mentions: More Gems for Your Sales Library

From Jill Konrath's "SNAP Selling" to Chris Voss' "Never Split The Difference," there's a plethora of wisdom waiting for you. And hey, let's not forget "Heels to Deals," a fantastic compilation by 33 women in sales, offering a refreshing perspective.

Your Turn: What's Your Favorite Sales Read?

So, which sales book has rocked your world? Drop a comment below and let's keep this conversation going. And if you've enjoyed this roundup, don't forget to hit that like button—it helps us keep delivering awesome sales content your way.

Until next time, keep selling smart and selling strong!

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